Semi-automatic light dep kit


Manual light deprivation retrofit kit. Turns almost any existing structure into a light dep greenhouse.


This is the safest, most cost-efficient way to do this…

We recommend using a manual motor controller with up/down switch for your motors. Shit can happen – no matter where you source your light dep kit. You can accidentally over-roll your blackout rolling bars, catch a garden hose, trellis netting, etc. With this system you can manually raise your rolling bars while watching for any potential errors. Then, if desired, automate your down function with a simple $10 timer to save time each day. Rarely do problems occur during the down phase.

Kit includes

Two 100 watt light dep motors

One 110VAC to 24vdc light dep controller with up/down switches

pivot point

1″ tarp clips

electrical wire


Detailed instructions and support.


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