Exterior DEP Greenhouses

Our exterior light deprivation greenhouses are a great and economical way to get into the light dep game. Motors automate light cycles by rolling up and down the blackout tarp using a series of limit switches and timers. The end walls of the greenhouse are permanently blacked out to accommodate for this design. We personally have been using these greenhouses for many years with great success.



Each Kit Comes With:

Footpegs, 3 piece 20′ wide hoops, 3 runs of 1 3/8″ purlin, channel and wiggle wire, 45’s at all corners, manual rollup sidewalls, 6 mil string reinforced clear plastic, 8 mil BOLD for end walls, 8 mil BOLD for blackout, light dep motors, light dep timer, tarp clips, electrical wire, hardware and instructions.

Sizes & Prices

In a windy area? Consider an internal frame

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