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Solar Fan Hanging Fan 20 inch 12v

Solar Fan Hanging Fan 20 inch 12v

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Solar powered hanging fan 

This fan features an amazing performance combined with a light weight hanging mounting bracket for permanent fixture of the fan.  Included with the fan is a 25 ft fan cord for connection to a 12 volt 100 Watt solar panel or an existing 12 volt solar and battery system.  High performance air movement makes this a great choice for horse stalls, greenhouse, shop and any where you might need it.  Excellent for power outages, off grid locations!


  • 18 Inch Fan Blade Diameter;
  • 3 Speeds;
  • High Volume Air Movement!

Fan Specifications:

  • 12 Volt DC Fan Rated at less than 10 amp
  • 3 Speed settings Upto 2300 CFM
  • Metal Fan with Metal Blade out fitted with MC/4 Connectors for easy connection to existing system
  • Highest Power Draw: 5.6 amps
  • Lowest Power Draw: 1.3 Amps

Fan Connection Cord

  • 25ft DC Reversible DC Extension Cord connecting to the fan for direct connection from the fan into a 12v 100 watt solar panel

Fan Dimensions:

  • Overall Width: 22 Inches
  • Overall Height: 22 Inches
  • Blade Diameter: 18 Inches

3 Speed - Performance Settings:

  • Low Speed:  lower amp draw; earlier morning wake up to full speed, later evening fall off from full speed.
  • Medium Speed:  medium amp draw; early wake up to full speed (morning), later fall from full speed (evening).
  • High Speed: highest amp draw; later wake up (morning), earlier fall off from full speed (evening)

This fan is outfitted with MC4 connectors for direct connection into a 100 watt solar panel.  This fan can also be connected to an existing 12 volt solar and battery storage system for night time and cloudy day running!

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