2.5″ aluminum rolling bar w/ channel & wiggle


20′ sticks of 2″ rolling bar with recessed channel for wiggle wire built in



20′ sticks of 2.5″ aluminum rolling bar with the recessed channel built in. 2.5′ square connectors connect the 20′ sections to create a rigid, superior rolling bar. Comes with motor shaft adapters, and bar connectors. $6.75/ft, comes in 20′ sections. These can be expensive to ship. Please contact for quote prior to order.


*Rolls up 2x as fast as 1 3/8″

*Impossible to break self tapping screws with square connector design

*Less tarp bunching, fewer junction points, fewer rotations, fewer headaches!


Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 2 × 2 in


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